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Nov 14 2011 The basic structural group is thus Si2O6 with an Si O ratio of 1 3 The most important inosilicates are the pyroxenes These have a general

Pyroxene Group

Sep 13 2005 Pyroxenes are classified based on the occupancy of the M1 and M2 site In clinopyroxenes larger cations such as Li and Na are in eightfold

Pyroxene Structures

The pyroxene group is composed of minerals of the general formula XYSi2O6 where X and Y are two divalent cations or a monovalent and a trivalent cation

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Clinopyroxene pyroxenes Single chain Silicates monoclinic Relief moderate Colour colourless RI 1 674 1 764 Birefringence 0 002 0 022

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surge loads and to promote a steady supply to maximize loader or mounted under a surge bin Hold the crusher 39 s head and rotate the crusher drive plagioclase feldspars include those that are silicates of aluminum and sodium

Pyroxene Wikipedia

The pyroxenes commonly abbreviated to Px are a group of important rock forming inosilicate minerals found in many igneous and metamorphic rocks


Clinopyroxene XYZ2O6 Optical properties Colour and Pleochroism Usually colourless gray pale green or pale brown darker colours associated with