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This is an inverted pigeonite pyroxene from the Bushveld Complex in South Africa Pyroxenes in subducting eclogites are capable of carrying sufficient water

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Pigeonite is a mineral in the clinopyroxene subgroup of the pyroxene group It has a general igneous rock thus provides evidence for the crystallization temperature of the magma and hence indirectly for the water content of that magma

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Pigeonite Pigeonite silicate mineral in the pyroxene family that occurs only in quickly chilled rocks such as those formed from lava It is an iron magnesium

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Pyroxene Group Clinopyroxene Subgroup A high temperature mineral forming mostly above 900°C and with slow cooling tends to invert to a mixture of

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Sep 13 2005 Pigeonite Mg Fe2 Ca 2Si2O6 – Thin section Plane light Colorless Pigeonite is distinguished from other pyroxenes by its low 2V angle